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封次structural acrylic adhesives offer fast fixture and cure at room temperature providing a solution to the continuous demands for increased line speeds while decreasing the manufacturing costs that are associated with heat curing.

封次structural acrylic adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates offering great material selection. Materials such as metals, glass, and composites are easily bonded.


  • No-mix adhesives with separate resin and initiator – adhesive is applied to one substrate and the initiator is applied to the other
  • 单个组件 - 依靠至少一个表面是一种活性金属来触发治疗
  • Bead-on-bead – a bead of one part is directly applied over the other
  • Two-part pre-mix (use with mixing nozzles)

Methacrylate adhesives

The structural acrylic range includes products based on MMA (methyl methacrylate.) Methyl methacrylate adhesives provide ultimate strength performance on plastics. These adhesives do have a distinct odour.



封次structural adhesives are supported by a team of sales, customer service, and technical professionals. This team will assist you in selecting the proper adhesive for your application or develop a product to meet your application’s requirements. The benefits of using Permabond Structural Acrylic adhesives include:

  • 室温治疗- 消除烤箱和其他设备。
  • Rapid Cure– increases daily output to reduce production costs.
  • Versatile- 适用于将各种底物粘结以提高设计自由度。
  • 技术支援- 申请专家可用于联合设计,粘合剂选择和生产过程。

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