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Strong Adhesive: Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive

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Strong Adhesive: Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive

封次two part epoxy adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials. They are available with a range of different cure speeds to suit, Permabond epoxies have been developed to offer a high standard of performance for demanding bonding applications.


Permabond 2-Compents环氧粘合剂将粘合大多数工程材料。它们与多种材料形成了出色的结构键,包括金属,复合材料,木材,甚至一些塑料。


Their excellent chemical and water resistance makes them suitable for harsh environmental conditions. These epoxies are an excellent choice for high-strength structural bonding.



Material selection



These epoxies can be easily dispensed with a static mixing nozzle. No measuring or hand mixing is required. Heat cure is not needed as the adhesives will cure at room temperature. For cure times faster than those stated on the technical datasheet, heat can be used to increase the speed of cure.

Joint design

The high shear and peel strength of the bonds, coupled with the increased stress distribution of adhesives, greatly expands joint design possibilities.

Some benefits of these epoxies include:

  • High peel strength increases design versatility
  • 耐用性增加了材料选择
  • Rapid cure increases production rates
  • 无溶剂改善工作场所安全
  • 室温治疗降低设备和能源成本
  • 低气味改善了工作场所的环境

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