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About Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

  • About Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

About Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

封次still manufactures the original cyanoacrylate formulation Permabond 910 (previously Eastman 910). The name 910, comes from counting to 10 as the inventor determined that the product sets between 9 and 10 seconds.


封次cyanoacrylates are ideal for bonding materials such as metal, rubber, composite, plastic, silicone, and many more substrates. New formulations continue to eliminate design challenges encountered by engineers trying to bond difficult plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE, and other polyolefins. Permabond’s high-performance industrial cyanoacrylate adhesives that are available provide very fast set times, a range of viscosity choices as well as non-blooming / low odor formulations, and products with very high-temperature resistance.



How Do Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Work?

封次’s cyanoacrylate adhesives (also called instant adhesives or super glue) cure by reacting to very small amounts of moisture on the surface of the components being bonded. That’s it – no ovens, no mixing, no specialty curing equipment – they simply cure from the residual moisture naturally occurring on the surface of the components. Permabond recognizes that in applications such as wire tacking and tamper-proofing the adhesive is not compressed between two surfaces. For this type of application where the adhesive is exposed, activators are available. Simply spray the activator on the exposed cyanoacrylate to instantly cure it. Cyanoacrylate activators can also be used on very dry or acidic parts or to facilitate cure prior to wicking into porous substrates.

Key features

  • Gap fill ranges for cyanoacrylates are 0.015mm (0.006″) to 0.5mm (0.02″).
  • 温度电阻范围为-55至 +250°C(-55至 +482°F)。
  • 粘度范围从镍级到触变的无流凝胶


  • 金属粘结
  • Plastic Bonding
  • Low Odor – Non-Blooming
  • 表面不敏感 - 对于酸性表面
  • High-Temperature Resistant
  • Toughened – for Improved Impact Resistance
  • NSF Non-Food Compound P1

无论你是使用cyanoacrylates成键,sealing, tamper-proofing, wire tacking, or simply as a manufacturing aid while you wait for another adhesive to set, Permabond’s research and development team continually push the limits of cyanoacrylate technology.

Highlights of a few products follow …


二次固化后,腐烂的产物919、920和922抗拒250°C(482°F)。Permabond 820具有最高的温度抗性,技术将承受200°C(390°F),而无需二级热固化。

No Drip Gel


Non-Blooming and Low Odor

Blooming can be seen as a fine white residue that surrounds the bond area. Permabonds 940 series is non-blooming and virtually odor-free. Permabond’s chemists perfected the low odor technology so the adhesives are fast curing and provide high strength to a variety of surfaces.

Impact Resistance

By nature, cyanoacrylates are not incredibly impact resistant. Permabond’s toughened grades, Permabond 731, 735, and 737 provide the ultimate impact and peel resistance. They were initially designed for flexible substrates but the added flexibility and toughness of these products provide even greater shear strength on rigid materials like steel. Permabond 735 and 737 are opaque black and Permabond 731 is crystal clear.

NSF Non-Food Compound S4

封次2011Gel is listed on the NSF non-food compounds registry. Permabond 2011 is a non-sag, non-drip, thixotropic gel that forms strong bonds to metal, plastics, elastomers, ceramics, and wood. This product has excellent gap-fill capability, {(0.50mm) 0.020 in} and develops strength rapidly. Handling time can be achieved in less than 10 seconds. Once fully cured the bonds are high temperature resistant {(-55 to +120°C) -65 to +250°F} and have good resistance to non-polar solvents. In addition to Permabond 2011 now registered as NSF S4, Permabond has several products listed to NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water as well as epoxies that comply with the FDA Food Grade Codes CFR 175.105 and 175.300.


High Temperature Resistant Cyanoacrylate


封次910 – The original Methyl Cyanoacrylate





101 - 芯吸类型,塑料粘合

102 – Plastic bonding

105 - 弹性体键合

200 - 塑料粘合

2010 – Thixotropic, maximum gap fill

240 – Good flow control, plastic bonding

268 - 快速固化,良好的差距填充

731 – Excellent peel, shear, and impact strength – clear

737 – Excellent peel, shear, and impact strength – black

791 - 表面不敏感,非常快速的集合

792 - 表面不敏感,非常快速,耐温度较高

910 – The original – general purpose, metal bonding

919 – Resists 250 C after post cure – wicking type

920 – Resists 250 C after post cure

922 – Resists 250 C after post cure – max gap fill

940 – Low odor & non-blooming, wicking type

943 – Low odor & non-blooming, general purpose


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封次MT3836 – Flexible, Fire Retardant and Thermally Conductive Adhesive

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FDA&EU 10/2011符合食物接触的粘合剂

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High Temperature Resistant Cyanoacrylate

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New no odour adhesives for low surface energy plastics

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