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厌氧粘合剂和密封剂: Threadlocker, Thread Sealants & More

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厌氧粘合剂和密封剂: Threadlocker, Thread Sealants & More

封次厌氧粘合剂和密封剂includes an extensive line of products used as Threadlockers, Pipe Thread Sealants, FIP Form in Place Gasket Materials, and Retaining Compounds.

Anaerobic sealants will not cure without the presence of metal and lack of oxygen. As it turns out, that is exactly what happens when an anaerobic sealant (adhesive) is sealed between a nut and a bolt-on a threaded metal assembly or between two closely fitted metal cylindrical parts. With active metal ions and no oxygen, anaerobic adhesives and sealants rapidly cure to form a tough cross-linked plastic that will bond quite well to many metals.

There are 4 basic types of anaerobic sealant adhesives, namely:

  • 保留化合物– these bond and seal cylindrical joints
  • 螺纹锁 - 粘合和密封螺纹金属紧固件
  • Thread sealants – which bond and seal threaded pipes and fittings
  • FIP形成垫片材料 - FIP直接在零件上创建垫圈




封次’s anaerobic retaining compounds fill voids – providing 100% surface-to-surface contact, while mechanical joining techniques provide only 20% of surface-to-surface contact. The increased surface area directly relates to greater load-carrying capacity providing more than 5 times that of mechanical joining techniques. The increase in strength allows engineers to relax machine tolerances, eliminate the need for heated joining processes and provides them with a method that increases the life of the components.



Permabond的厌氧粘合剂螺纹锁定器有完整的线。从非常低的扇形等级跨越了非常大的粘度,用于组装后密封和焊缝密封到大螺母和螺栓的高粘度。永久性和可移动级别以及高温耐药等级可用。螺纹器在各个行业中都使用,因此Permabond具有多种批准和规格,包括军事指定等级和NSF/ANSI 61饮用水认证产品。

Pipe Sealants – Thread Sealants

多个行业中使用了封型管密封(螺纹密封)粘合剂密封剂,包括用于防火,HVAC和管道的洒水管系统。这些基于PTFE的配方允许容易组装,并提供1000 psi的即时密封,最终固化强度通常超过大多数金属管道材料的密封。

当从金属螺纹上限制的氧气时,它们可以治愈,并形成一个密封,该密封剂对水,蒸汽,碳氢化合物,大多数酸,溶剂和基于乙二醇的产品。该产品线涵盖了全范围的粘度,并包括具有NSF/ANSI 61认证和液压等级的产品。

Form in Place Gasket Materials



Featured Products

HM162 - 厌氧固定器

HH131 – Anaerobic Threadlocker

MH052 -厌氧螺纹密封胶

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