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Adhesives for Electric Vehicles

在电动汽车中使用粘合剂的情况比在常规汽车中的使用更为广泛。粘合剂为两种类型的车辆提供了许多优势,包括:与焊接,环境阻力,密封,分配应力和连接材料相比,易于使用。特定于电动汽车的粘合剂的优势包括粘结复合材料和低…继续阅读“Adhesives for Electric Vehicles”

3D Print Infiltrants

3 d打印Infiltrants Permabond 3 d打印Infiltrants are low odor alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylates designed to seal, strengthen, and brighten 3D printed models produced via granular 3D printing methods. Several grades of these low-odor cyanoacrylates are available to suit individual needs. All of them can be applied either as an “on the spot” coating or in a …继续阅读“ 3D印刷浸润”



Adhesives for Agricultural & Construction Machinery

Agricultural & Construction Machinery Adhesives for agricultural equipment are used throughout the cabin, engine compartment, and on most accessories and attachments. The applications range from threadlocking to structural bonding and provide equipment, and machinery designers increased opportunities to improve durability while reducing weight. Typical Applications: Threadlocking Thread Sealing Retaining Form in Place Gasketing Structural Bonding …继续阅读“Adhesives for Agricultural & Construction Machinery”


Adhesives for automotive parts manufacturing, auto assembly and maintenance, repair, re-manufacturing and overhaul

复合材料的粘合剂 - 所有行业

High performance adhesive products with superb bond strength on composite materials such as GRP, FRP and carbon fibre.

Electric Motors Adhesive


Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices

Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices Permabond offers a range of adhesive technologies suitable for bonding, sealing, thread locking and potting a wide variety of applications found commonly in personal electronic devices – or anything with a view or touch screen. At Permabond we understand that these diverse applications require a variety of adhesive technologies to …继续阅读“Adhesives for Personal Electronic Devices”

Electronics Adhesive

Permabond supplies electronic components manufacturers worldwide with a variety of adhesive products suitable for bonding components, tacking wires, bonding heat-sinks, PCB material, touchscreens and plastic housings


PERMABOND Food Safe Epoxy Adhesives Permabond food safe epoxy adhesives have been formulated using FDA-approved raw materials. These adhesives comply with CFR 175.105 and 175.300 as well to the European Framework Regulation EU 1935/2004. They are ideal for bonding and sealing food contact equipment and appliances. 2-Part epoxy adhesives offer a quick and easy way …继续阅读“食物安全的环氧粘合剂”

Adhesives for Metal Fabrication

Adhesives for Metal Fabrication Advances in adhesive technology allow metal fabrication without mechanical fasteners and welding while increasing structural integrity and strength. Driving factors for specifying adhesives are increasing the strength and durability of products while reducing costs. Fasteners and spot welding can create stress concentration points. Adhesives distribute stress across the entire bond joint …继续阅读“Adhesives for Metal Fabrication”

Filter Bonding Adhesives

Permabond is specified by a number of filter manufacturers for crimp sealant, filter potting material. and gasket bonding. Food grade and drinking water approved products are available.

Fire Protection Adhesive and Sealants

Permabond threadsealant (or pipesealant) adhesives are used on sprinkler systems worldwide.

Gas Pipeline Restoration Products

Permabond Gaseal products for repair and restoration of gas pipelines.

Glass Adhesive – All Industry

Permabond UV curable adhesives are suitable for a variety of applications on decorative and structural glass.

Adhesives for Heat Exchangers


Adhesive for Lighting

用于照明应用的粘合粘合剂腐蚀工程粘合剂生产用于照明的粘合剂,这些粘合剂可用于照明制造和组装中发现的许多粘结,涂层和密封应用。建筑照明商业照明消费照明工业照明LED照明光照明停车场照明住宅照明路线照明安全照明体育场照明剧院照明车辆…继续阅读“Adhesive for Lighting”


Permabond is specified by boat parts manufacturers and also for maintenance, repair and overhaul of nautical machinery during dry-dock.



MRO Adhesive and Sealants


Munitions Adhesive and Sealants


OEM and Other

Adhesives used on a large scale on assembly and production lines worldwide can be sourced from Permabond. Our key is to provide a reliable, high performance solution to optimise both your final product performance but to also assist streamline production processes and maximise output.

Specialty Vehicle Adhesives

Specialty Vehicle Adhesives Permabond manufactures a variety of specialty vehicle adhesives and sealants. Whether you are puttering in a golf cart or kicking up dust on a dirt bike, it is likely Permabond had a hand in manufacturing your ride. Permabond’s diverse line of products provides solutions for bonding and sealing substrates found on the …继续阅读“Specialty Vehicle Adhesives”

Pump Sealants and Adhesives

Pump, compressor and valve manufacturers have relied on Permabond products for many decades.

Speaker Adhesives

Permabond supplies adhesives for a range of applications within speaker assemblies. Permabond can help optimise product performance and make production lines as efficient as possible with rapid curing, easy to use products suitable for use on automated dispensing equipment.

Adhesives for Sports and Leisure Equipment

Adhesives for Sports and Leisure Equipment Adhesives are used throughout the sporting goods industry. Generally, equipment made for professional athletes has the latest in technology, however, materials and adhesive technologies are advancing so quickly that sporting equipment for weekend warriors is far advanced from what was current just a few years ago. The substrates we …继续阅读“Adhesives for Sports and Leisure Equipment”

Transport Industry Adhesive and Sealants

Permabond is a popular and reliable choice for the rail industry – from track bonding to bonding carriages, Permabond can offer suitable adhesive products. Permabond also supplies to tram, bus and metro industries.

Valves Adhesive and Sealants

Pump, compressor and valve manufacturers have relied on Permabond products for many decades.


Adhesives for use on wind turbine applications, solar energy etc.

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